How Old Is Your Skin?

Our skin speaks before we do. It tells stories of how difficult or easy our lives have been. On a more straightforward sense, it tells others our age.

It reveals so much of us that we women are going to great lengths to make sure it only speaks of youth and beauty and an awesome life.

So, how old do you think your skin is?

The country’s biggest beauty clinic requires first-time patients to go through a skin assessment test through advanced equipment that measures moisture, counts lines, checks sun damage and sees things we never imagined our faces are showing.

These are the telltale signs that we need to know.

Dewy is young. So, moisture is key. Skin that retains moisture is plump and supple. It’s the collagen under our dermis that’s either making us or betraying us.

Sun damage is a giveaway. Those summers spent swimming may have brought more than memories. Sun spots may suddenly appear.

Lines. Burning the midnight oil may leave permanent marks. So is scowling at your teacher. Didn’t they tell you these? So, lighten up!

So, what now? Slather on moisturizer. Cover with sunscreen. And stop scowling. You may keep on laughing because those laugh lines are more precious than youth can ever be.

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