Filipino Women Are Afraid To Talk About Money

We probably grew up in a household where money matters are not discussed and when they are, it’s usually in relation to debts and bills. We were also raised in a culture where it is impolite to discuss the cost of certain things. Embarrassment. Impropriety. Shame. So, we bury the money discussion in the deep recesses of our minds.

It’s no wonder women do not talk about salaries. We do not ask how much others make. We are embarrassed to even go up to our bosses to ask for a raise. And in negotiations, we fold and settle for the first decent offer.

Why do we do this when not talking about money has sweeping social ramifications. Women will keep on getting paid less. Women will keep on settling.

What can we do about it?

First, break the silence. It tips the status quo. Let us create conversations about money until we feel comfortable discussing it and until bringing it up becomes second-nature to us.

Second, make small changes. Dip your toe into investing by letting go of an amount that won’t hurt you. Baby steps.

Third, know that you deserve it. Remember the sex-and-guilt association ingrained in your childhood? Unlearn it. Unlearn the money-guilt association that hides in your subconscious. You deserve more money. Embrace it.

Be reassured that talking about money, wanting it, and getting it are the most natural things in the world.

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