The World Has Changed For Women

Women have proven to be a major force in the workplace and they’ve been recognized as the decision makers in purchases. This newfound power has changed the world we live in.

Women Only Cars in Trains. Our very own MRT has dedicated train cars for women. Aren’t you glad we finally have our own space?

Breastfeeding is celebrated. Women who had children ten years ago didn’t have the luxury of expressing-milk breaks. We’ve known that breastfeeding is best for babies but GenX moms thought that it was just something everyone said.

Pregnant Women Lane. Banks now recognize the financial prowess of women and have dedicated a lane for those showing baby bumps as well as food bumps. Good for us!

Pink Everything. While the pink tax is being debated on, let’s offer a toast to our pink stuff. It’s both a trivial and a sublime recognition of our power.

But the biggest leaps made by women are in the board rooms, in corporations, in government and in nation-building. Women lead. Women make decisions that turn the tide.

And, today, we have investment and insurance products specifically designed to cater to the needs of women and they are created by women. Indeed, our needs have a voice and it is being heard.

So, let us give thanks to the women before us who made it happen. And as this is being written, a senator becomes the first one to breast-feed her baby girl on the floor of Australia’s Parliament. Things are, indeed, changed! This movement is off the ground, SHEROES!

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