Our Story

You are enough. But deep in your heart you know you can be more. It’s a thought that crossed every woman’s mind. And this is why this space was created.


While we celebrate every triumph in our lives and everything good in our family, friendships and career, we honor that voice inside that tells us we can always be more. We can be healthier, funnier, better at everything we do. We can live bigger lives! This is why we created this safe space for women. Let us navigate this life together. Let us find answers together. Then let us find like-minded women to share this journey with. Things have a way of falling into place beautifully when you have a tribe of women cheering you on.

We are calling us SHEROES. Because we are the SHEROES in everyone’s life. The SHEROES behind families, friendships, careers, community and nation-building. We are the half that holds the world together that’s why SHEROES is the word that is rightfully ours.


Join us as we talk about love, family, health, career, finance, and everything in between. Let us share stories of our own lives so that others can learn from us. Let us be friends, partners, co-conspirators in this adventure called life.


Welcome home.

           Let’s talk all things…

The Movement That Puts Women First

  From the Shero’s desk

Former investment banker, homemaker, writer, speaker, and more – Rose Fres Fausto is all this, and then some. The bonafide subject matter expert on all things finance is the queen of striking the perfect balance between work and play and trying to survive a man’s world as a source of inspiration for women everywhere. Rose is with us for many things, but her priority is to connect with you and to enable you to live in a world where having an outstanding financial intelligence quotient is the bare minimum for Sheroes like you.

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